"Tradition is not a limitation", says Pino Lavarra - Honk Kong still at the forefront of the best Italian Cuisine outside Italy

In the last day of the Italian Cuisine World Summit Roadshow stop in Hong Kong, on the way to Beijing (7-15 june), I had a fantastic lunch at Pino Lavarra's Tosca (Ritz Carlton) with Oliver Glowig. Pino is the cleanest evidence of how stylish, crafted, tasteful, contemporary Italian Cuisine can be outside of Italy, yet still with solid roots in the traditions. An Italian Cuisine that has nothing to do with powders, musks, foams, insects and all these trendy ingredients that confuses many young chefs and reduce them often to unsuccessful careers, especially when go to work out of Italy. Not by chance Pino is in Hong Kong, and shares many of the beliefs of Umberto Bombana (3 Michelin stars with his 8 1/2) as well as those of other talented chefs working in town, starting from Paolo Monti (Gaia), Omar Agostini (Isola), Giandomenico Caprioli (Giando), Alessandro Angelini (Angelini Shangri La), Alessandro Cozzolino (Grissini), Michele Senigaglia (Divino) and many others. The experience of Pino's cuisine was a real treat. Thanks also to the great Ciruzzo Petrone.

Hong Kong/Beijing



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