• chef atDOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar Carlton
  • Melbuorne, AUSTRALIA
  • Master Guest chef at BILLIONAIRE MANSION
  • 9th November

Tony Nicolini grew between flour and tomato sauce in his father’s pizzeria from Abruzzo migrated to Australia in ’69, and since his childhood breathed the most genuine Italian hospitality. A man of two cultures, Nicolini had the mission of introducing the Italian gastronomy and unify the two worlds. After work he made his way up the ladder in the restaurant of his father and a degree in marketing. He opened in 1997 its first DOC and since then the Group has become a brand synonymous with modern Italian cuisine. Nicolini’s mission is to teach to more than 150 employees, of which the majority of Italian, from young students to experienced workers in the sector, which he personally shaped with an eye perhaps to an academy future.