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  • chef atInnocenti Evasioni
  • Via Privata della Bindellina, Milano, Italy
  • Master Guest chef at
  • UNICEF – 13th November
  • Street Food festival – 17th November

Also Master Guest chef at United Nations by Italian Cuisine
at JW Marriott Marquis On 12th November

45yrs old, graduated at Scuola Alberghiera “Carlo Porta” in Milan, takes his first steps in the kitchens of renowned restaurants in Liguria and Sardegna, in 1995 joins the Sadler’s brigade, starred restaurant in Milan, where he refines techniques and rigor. In 1998 takes over Innocenti Evasioni in Milan where, together with his associate Eros Picco, he begins a journey through flavours getting his inspiration from environments, always focusing on high-quality service.
In 2007 becomes a member of the prestigious Association Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe up to the post of vice president and in 2008 he is awarded the coveted Michelin star. In 2015 he opens Innocenti Evasioni Lugano exporting to Switzerland the Milanese restaurant concept. Since 2013 he publishes his recipes in the magazine “La Cucina Italiana” (Condé Nast Group) and he is Chef resident in the TV Show “Detto Fatto” broadcasting on RAI2. As from 2015 he is a consultant and project manager in the londoner delivery startup “GODO sostanza italiana” and testimonial for Grana Padano, Whirlpool, and Swisse (P&G group).