• chef atMacelleria e salumi Fracassi
  • Piazza Mazzini Giuseppe,Castel Focognano, Italy
  • Master guest chef at
  • Jumeirah Golf Estate – 10th November

Simone Fracassi is rightly known as the “King of the Chianina”. His butcher, Rassina, has long history (since 1927). He says he never stops “fondle her children” (ie fill the hams). Li attention to sacred objects. It has an easy disposition, like almost all Arezzo.
I met him in 2002 and then in 2003, took care of the “catering” the nightly wine and food historian Sporterme Prize in Bagno di Romagna. On those nights we drank and ate all the time, the hosts were Gianni Mura, Bruno Pizzul and Giovanni Galeone. I have indelible memories. There I left my heart, and even a bit ‘of the gallbladder. Fracassi ran the table of cold cuts and sometimes quarreled with Paola Mura (wife of Gianni) who complained of how they used to force casentinesi garlic (Paola is allergic) to age the ham.
Like all people “famous” and “grumpy”, Fracassi divided: those who love him, who hates him. In these cases, more than the man (of which I could not but testify well, as far as I know), speaks his work: and the Fracassi products are simply superb. When I have to organize meat dinners, I entrust myself to him (or to my father, who works there): a guarantee. Fracassi, then, has an advantage that makes it much more pleasant by Dario Cecchini, “the poet of the Florentine steak” which works (including a television comparsata and the other) in Panzano in Chianti: no recites romances, makes you not be want to invade Poland when you see it, and has an ego much less cumbersome.
Ambitious and now the name of worship into the food and wine, Fracassi has created a few years ago an appointment (free of charge and by invitation) who called Masterpieces at the table.