Also Master Guest chef at OPENING GALA DINNER
at Dubai World Trade Center On 7th November

Within these eighteenth century walls, running has always been important, from when the horses were changed here from the beautiful carriages that raced along the dusty roads. We understood this as soon as we arrived, now over twenty years ago.
Running is a pleasure, we like to give the best to our guests, in particular we like to run ahead, to experiment, to look for something new in what we do.
We like to study and research, we want our cuisine to be in continuous evolution, we use innovative techniques and at times we like to surprise, but never disorientate or disconcert.
Our dishes tell of flavours, of particular contents, they set off from local territory and go beyond, they smell of the sea, conveying far-off sensations, they tell of emotions and can communicate with those who are looking for a serious approach to modern cuisine.