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  • chef atLe Colonne Restaurant
  • Viale Giulio Douhet, Caserta CE, Italy
  • Guest chef at Cavalli Club
  • 13th-16th November

Also Master Guest chef at United Nations by Italian Cuisine
at JW Marriott Marquis On 12th November

I’m the chef of Le Colonne and di San Bartolomeo Casa in Campagna. That is my conventional identity, the one that gives an idea about who I am for the reader. It is also the one you read on the door of my home. But this identity is a pseudonym. Inside me there is a population. I am also a passionate farmer, a sensual eater, a child who builds her catalog of flavors, an old baker, an anchovie fisherman, a shepherd, a master cheesemaker, a netsurfer and more. 
I started out working with Visscher and Martin Berasategui, but I have Campania in my heart and in my soul. I put everything of my land into the dishes I prepare both in my family’s restaurant and elsewhere. My cooking is inspired by local tradition, historic dishes from the Campania and especially by the incredible raw materials of the territory.