Matteo Rizzo

  • chef atIl Desco
  • Via Dietro San Sebastiano 7,Verona, Italy
  • Guest chef at Carnevale
  • 8th – 11th November

Also Master Guest chef at United Nations by Italian Cuisine
at JW Marriott Marquis On 12th November

Born in Verona in 1984, Matteo starts working at Il Desco since he was young during the summer seasons, learning the basics of cooking. He then worked in Rome, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas, growing professionally and encountering very different realities from those experiences.
His interest for the restaurant grew over time, bringing Matteo back to his family restaurant where today joined his father Elijah in the kitchen, providing continuity to a tradition of Italian cuisine that continues for 30 years and at the same time putting in place a generational shift, calm and rigorous.
«My real school were and still are my mother and my father – says Matteo. Being a restaurateur presupposes a good preparation in all directions and senses. I am dedicated to the search for food, and the best of the best raw materials preparation techniques. As well I do not put aside the knowledge of wine and the art of customer hospitality. In my own way, I’m bringing some ‘positive’ innovations. Not intended as a vanguard or creative extravagance, but as an inevitable expression of me. »