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  • chef atAntonio Abbruzzino
  • Fiume Busento, Santo Janni,Catanzaro, Italy
  • Master Guest chef at
  • Eataly – Dubai Mall – 9th November
  • Vivaldi – 11th November

Also Master Guest chef at United Nations by Italian Cuisine
at JW Marriott Marquis On 12th November

Luca Abbruzzino  born in Crotone; spend his childhood in Andali, a small mountain town, where learn to love  genuine and traditional things of his land: Calabria. Shortly his taste get use to flavours of traditional cuisine meanwhile follows with  admiration his father Antonio’s career segue. After finished his college school started working in his family’s restaurant where feel to have founded his “way”.
His passion encourage him to travel to research new tastes and inspirations. Years go away fast between stage in prestigious kitchen of starred restaurant and  culinary experiences abroad; eulogies do not delay to arrive.
His cuisine is “pure intuition” but at the same time awareness, even of technique and knowledge of products that he uses.
His inspirations is based on daily life scenes and olden flavours revisited in  modern and unexpected combinations.
Passion,  sacrifices and his really hard-headed as a typical calabrese, are the characteristic feature of this small, big chef that has all his life in from of him and all the time to leave his signature in the culinary world; at the moment starting with his dishes.