Awards 2016

The mission of the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards is to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, diffusion and preservation of the Italian food and wine culture in the countries they live in or in global context. The Awards, promoted by, are granted annually to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work performed during the previous year or their whole careers. Nominations for the Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2016 (7th edition) come from the network of and the a panel chaired by the Italian Cuisine World Summit Direction selects the winner.

The 2016 winners are:

  • Tokyo, Japan

Hayashi Shigeru was born in Shizuoka-ken, Japan. In 1982 he was worked in Milan for Suntory Ltd., since leaving college. He has spent long periods of time in Italy, at first as head of the Suntory restaurant in Milan, and later as Chief Representative. Thanks to his travels between Italy and Japan he is now one of the greatest connoisseurs of Italian food and wine. He has been awarded many prizes both in Italy and Japan and has authored several great books introducing Italian Food and Wine to the Japanese food lovers. He has been involved for long in the retailing of quality food produces and in 2005 he founded a Wine & Food firm that scouts artisan Italian ingredients for the Japanese Market. He has been chairman of Eataly Japan since 2009.

  • Delft, Hollande

Fabio, born in Sicily, moved to Holland at the age of 18, where he studied and found a job in the Dutch government. He soon discovered his passion for the Italian cuisine and in 1996 he opened his own company, promoting quality Italian products in the Netherlands and educating the Dutch on the correct use of them. He expanded its activities owning various specialty shops and founding a network called QualItalia that associates selected shops selling Italian food and wine in various Dutch cities. Fabio is also a government advisor for Italian products on the local market and has been at the forefront of many educational initiatives.

  • Beijing, China

Editor-in-Chief of New Western Cuisine Magazine, a highly respected and the only bilingual monthly food and beverage publication in China, with nationwide circulation. Ex restaurateur plus Fellow Culinary Institute of America in New York, Ricky has become an expert of Italian cuisine and during his career as a food writer in China has supported in all possible ways the spread of Italian Cuisine in that country. Ricky has been particularly supportive of the Italian chefs committed to a quality and authentic Italian cuisine in China.

  • Melbourne, Australia

Tony Nicolini grew between flour and tomato sauce in his father’s pizzeria from Abruzzo migrated to Australia in ’69, and since his childhood breathed the most genuine Italian hospitality. A man of two cultures, Nicolini had the mission of introducing the Italian gastronomy and unify the two worlds. After work he made his way up the ladder in the restaurant of his father and a degree in marketing. He opened in 1997 its first DOC and since then the Group has become a brand synonymous with modern Italian cuisine. Nicolini’s mission is to teach to more than 150 employees, of which the majority of Italian, from young students to experienced workers in the sector, which he personally shaped with an eye perhaps to an academy future.