Chef Mario Caramella, inItaly Restaurant patron in Singapore, will be among the Master Guest Chefs of the Summit. Mario is the co-founder and President of the Forum on line GVCI and has been one of the pioneers of quality and authentic Italian Cuisine outside of Italy. He made history in Hong Kong when he was in restaurants as the Mistral (then in the Intercontinental Hotel) and Grissini (Grand Hyatt). It has been thanks to painstaking work of chefs as Mario that quality ingredients from Italy penetrated new markets that soon fell in love with them (among them Thailand, Indonesia). Mario is the prophet of an intelligent, flavourful Italian cuisine that doesn’t not betray traditions and techniques, the kind of cuisine beloved by food lovers all around the world. Mario has just launched, together with Rosario Scarpato, a Manifesto that promotes and celebrate the work of chefs, restaurateurs and culinary professional outside Italy, in the occasion of the next First Italian Cuisine in the World – The Extraordinary Italian Taste.

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