An award for the new look at the United Nations by Italian Cuisine Gala Night

The presentation of food prepared by great chefs is important as its aroma and flavour. Restaurant goers, now more than ever, eat with their eyes. Dishes in high cuisine are hand-crafted beauty. Behind the visual design of the food they contain there are the style and the values of the chef, the culture he represents, and his/her skilled craftsmanship. In this context, contemporary Italian Michelin starred chefs have lead a true revolution in the past years taking the visual aesthetic of Italian cuisine to unprecedented heights. For this reason the 7th Italian Cuisine World Summit is promoting an award for the Best Styled Summit Dish, as a way of celebrating the creativity of Italian Michelin Starred chefs and presenting the look of Italian Contemporary Cuisine at its top.
The Persol Best Styled Summit dish is born out the partnership with the leading eyewear Italian brand Persol, which since its foundation has had a magnificent obsession with hand-crafted beauty and skilled craftsmanship.
This special award, voted by a jury of chefs, experts and journalists, will be presented to the winners on the night of the United Nations by Italian Cuisine Gala, at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel.

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