Enrico Bartolini wins the Persol best styled Summit dish 2015

Enrico Bartolini (Devero restaurant Milan**) was the winner of the first edition of the Awards, presented during the United Nations by Italian Cuisine gala. Tano Simonato (Tano passami l’olio. Milan*) and Claudio Sadler (Sadler Milan**), were voted 2nd and 3rd by a Jury of chefs and journalists. The aim of the Persol Best Styled Summit Dish Award is to celebrate the work of contemporary Italian Michelin starred chefs who have taken the visual aesthetic of Italian cuisine to unprecedented heights. Dishes in high cuisine are hand-crafted beauty. Behind the visual design of the food there are the style and the values of the chef, the culture s/he represents, and his/her skilled craftsmanship.
The Persol Best Styled Summit dish is born out of the partnership with the leading eyewear Italian brand Persol, so as Persol since its foundation has had a magnificent obsession with hand-crafted beauty and skilled craftsmanship, the judges will privilege the presentations with these characteristics.

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