Dubai's top Italian restaurants compete in Pasta Premiere League for the title: "Dubai's Best Pasta"

On Saturday 24th October, 15 of the top Italian restaurants were competing to qualify for the Final of the Pasta Premiere League, where they will compete for the title of "Dubai's Best Pasta". This competition is organized by the Italian Cuisine World Summit as part of the program of its 7th edition taking place in Dubai (27 October - 5 November 2015).
The qualifications took place at the Emirates Academy For Hospitality Management. This was the first round of competition to shortlist the 5 restaurants that will compete in the finals, which will take place on Friday 28th October 2015, at the Speciality Food Festival – World Trade Centre 27-29 October). This competition is definitely another highlight of this year’s Speciality Food Festival, as attending guests will get to watch the finalists compete live for the title, and will also get to taste the pasta. And if that was not enough, then attendees will also get a say in who wins as they will vote for their favourite!
The level of talent present at the Emirate’s Academy kitchen that morning was outstanding, and each one of the chefs served an impressive dish and some even awed the jury. They were all so closely rated that the judges declared it was a very close call and it boiled down to "what was missing rather than what was present".
"It is easy to impress the judges with adding more things on the plate, more decorations, more ingredients, the use of flowers…etc. But what really matters in the end is the soul of the dish. It is the simplicity of the dish that matters, because Italian Cuisine is a simple cuisine and not built on complexity as is the case with some other cuisines. That is what makes all the difference in the critique and judging criteria.” Said the President of The Jury, Maurizio Pelli who is a an Italian Food Writer and private chef.

The five restaurantsshorted listed for the final competition are:
Toscana, Chef Sciotti Michele – "Pasta linguine cacao and pepper with Sicilian red prawns and lime”
Roberto’s, Chef Sameera Namal – “Spaghetti cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) revised (carbonara)”
L’olivo, Chef Bala Madhukar – “Mazara’s red prawns, baby calamary spillo, Bronte’s pistachio sauce and borrage”
Per Te, Chef Shiyas – “Tagliatelle with pigeon ragout, pinenuts and celery di piccione”
Casa Mia, Rozario Clifford – “Linguine ‘risottate’ with seafood”

The Jury Panelselecting the finalists are:
Mr Stefano Ferretti, Academia della Cucina Italiana - Dubai
Chef Gianluigi Gerosa, VP Culinary Development at Kerzner International
Chef Michael Kitts, Emirates Academy for Hospitality Management
Mr. Maurizio Pelli. President of the Jury, Food Writer and Private Chef
Mrs.Maria Luisa Panzica Italian Food Expert

Editor’s Notes: The final competition of the Pasta Premier League for the title “Dubai’s Best Pasta” will be held at the Speciality Food Festival on the 28th October, where the chefs will compete live. Attending guests will get to watch the final competition, taste the pasta and actually even influence the decision of who will the winner of this year’s Competition be as they will get to vote for their favorites. For more information on the final competition visit the Italian Cuisine World Summit.
All participating Restaurants in the Risotto Qualifications: Alta Badia, Segreto, Casa Mia, L’Olivo, Cavalli, Bice, Bice Mare, Frankie’s, Prego, Positano, Roberto’s, Eataly, Per Te, Sapori di Bice, Toscana.


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