Media Aperitivo to kick off the 7th edition of the Italian Cuisine World Summit

Under the hospice of the Consul General of Italy, the organisers of the Italian Cuisine World Summit kicked off the 7th edition with an exclusive media preview held at the Italian Consul's private home. The chefs of Dubai's best Italian restaurants prepared selections of delectable dishes for guests to enjoy and were present at the event to speak with the media and inform them of the various activities their restaurants are holding as part of the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015. The Consul General Giovanni Favilli welcomed the guests into his home and announced the commencement of the 7th edition of this exciting annual event. He thanked the partners and sponsors of the summit, the Italian producers taking part in the summit, and the chefs and restaurants hosting chefs who are hosting the summit's activities. While Rosario Scarpato, the Director of the summit, introduced the theme of this year's summit and the various events and activities taking place throughout. Click Here for Dubai Summit Program.


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